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Photo of the Month!

Every month we encourage our crews to send in their best photos or videos from their charter trips that month. Every month we get something a little bit different and get to see some of the beautiful moments they have out at sea with guests!


April Winner!

This photo was taken by chef Mackenzie Thomas. We encouraged our crews to send in food photos this month and we got some pretty incredible shots. The display of the food is one of the best parts of charters.


March Winner!

This photo was taken by chef Kyle Knibble. What an awesome find while scuba diving in the Caribbean. Kyle snapped the shot of this giant starfish and then released it back in to the ocean!


February Winner!

This video was taken by captain Kevin Dawson. What an incredible moment to catch on video! These dolphins were not shy as they continued to play and interact with our charter guests!


This photo was taken by captain James Ellwood in Christmas Cove, US Virgin Islands. Christmas Cove is a typical spot for boats to anchor down and come together for a party! Typically there will be live music playing on one of the boats and everyone will gather around on rafts as you see in the photo!

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